Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena

Co-designed with Sen-Foong Lim, this 2-4 player arena battle game has players take on the role of a team of Pro Benders from Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra. Each Pro Bender can manipulate a single element of Earth, Water or Fire, and uses that power to knock the opposing team off the arena before the same is done to them! Players play cards to move, and bend the elements. Each bending action tests players as they can be used to either attack or defend! More powerful bending techniques are acquired throughout the match, raising the intensity of the game with each round.

Players may also choose to customize their team, building unique decks for each of the bender’s, picking three special tricks to overwhelm the competition, and even mixing players from different teams in a Fantasy Team draft.

Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena is published by IDW Games.